PACKSMART is an ultimate manufacturer of packaging consumables different from any others. We love to embrace new technology, innovation, change to the future. We are not a traditional packaging consumables manufacturer, our genes to the consumable packaging consumables industry. We firmly believe that we will contribute to the consumable packaging industry, give consumers the best product and service experience, and make PACKSMART a brand standard in the consumable packaging industry.


PACKSMART focuses on the production and development of high-standard and industry-latest Packaging consumables products to our customers. Our products include Air bubble film, Air bubble mailer, stretch film, packing tape, small air bubble film machine. Our products can be used in many industries, including medical care, trade, food, e-commerce, warehouse logistics, cosmetics, electronic products and so on. We will provide the best products and services for consumers through strict quality control, efficient production efficiency and perfect customer service.


Quality: We care about product quality more than anything
Service: 7×24 service with full of passion and responsibility
Price: Reasonable and Steady price (Manufacturer Offer)
Innovation: Keep changing on update new ideas for Customer


Bubble Wrap

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Bubble Mailer

Static Shielding Bubble Bag

Cool Shield Bubble roll

Custom Bubble Bag Printing